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Friday, January 19, 2007

MU men's hoops: Friday practice

There were apparently some problems, nationally, accessing which have
now been worked out I am told.

First a correction from Thursday practice report. It turns out it was John Bunch, not
Corey Hallett, who was getting hollered at. They were sitting next to each other at the

It just goes to show you what kind of a year Corey is having. He even gets blamed for
someone else's reprimand.

Today's news: Marques Alston was in uniform but did not participate in any scrimmaging.
Thursday he tweaked the left ankle he sprained last week. He is expected to play

Neither Mike Shipman (academically ineligible) or RC will make the trip. For as long
as he remains ineligible (which appears to be the balance of the season) Shipman will
not travel with the Hawks. Not certain, but that may be an NCAA rule regarding

The Blue (first team minus Marques) defeated the White (second team) but it took
overtime, 34-28.

I felt practice mood was generally grim...reflecting a frustrated group that has lost two straight blowouts.


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