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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Latest updates from Quinnipiac

Marques Alston still listed as "questionable" about 30 minutes before game time. Was not out on the floor in early warm ups. MU is back on the floor now warming up. Marques is with trainer Adam Smith and is doing some jogging on the side. He's been having treatment on his sprained left ankle. Now he's talking with Smith and now he is warming up! Sow he may give it a try. At least off the bench. Hard to say how effective he'll be. Smith just told us his status is a "game time decision." Now Marques just left warm ups and I beleive is getting the ankle re-taped here on the bench to my right. Now he's doing some jogging and talking with Smith again. Well, I gotta publish this.

Well, Rickie Crews made the bus to the game. Too bad he didn't make it to practice Friday. By the way, he did not have a roomate Friday when he missed the bus to practice. There was a change in roomates when Yaniv Simpson went back to MU with his bad ankle. was all on him for those trying to make excuses for him.

This is Monmouth's last visit to Quinnipiac's Burt Kahn Court. The school is opening a new basketball/ice hockey complex across the street later this month. MU fans can only grind their teeth.

MU AD Marilyn McNeil is attending the women's game today at Sacred Heart...Associate AD Jeff Stapleton is here at the men's game.

Press columnist Bill Handleman has granted me permission to run his column for Sunday about the MAC on our blog. It will be published late tonight.



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