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Thursday, October 04, 2007

MU men's soccer Saturday vs. Mount St. Mary's/Make predictions, pre and post game remarks

Mount St. Mary's (2-5-1) at MU (5-2-2)


Anonymous Hit a Free Throw said...

Well it all gets real now. I think the team is really geared up for league play and want to run the table again. Everyone team will be at their best when they face us so every game should be a good one. My prediction is 2-0 Hawks!

8:39 AM, October 05, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity.....why no post about women's soccer playing LIU on Friday afternoon. Probably a bigger game than the men's game vs. MSM. It is a rematch of last year's NEC championship.

9:17 AM, October 05, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Good point - because no one has really shown much interest - until now - !! but will be happy to oblige..

11:20 AM, October 05, 2007  
Blogger Alvin said...

Congrats to the woman's soccer tem on a big win. Nice work!!
Looking forward to the mens game on Saturday which I think I can get to. Just to keep it going with Free Throw I predict a 2-1 win with hawks scoring in overtime to win-----how's that for going out on a limb?
Go Hawks!!

10:42 AM, October 06, 2007  
Anonymous Hit a Free Throw said...

Well who would have thought 4-0. Very impressive win today the boys plays extreamly well today. They played a full game and never let up. Lets keep rolling hawks...lets keep rolling.
Great win for the women's team on friday!

10:01 PM, October 06, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Seems to me there has been more chatter lately on our blog about men's and women's soccer and women's hoops than football and men's hoops.

Am I correct?? Why is this?

I don't mind. Whatever people want to talk about is fine with me...

11:13 PM, October 06, 2007  
Anonymous Hit A Free Throw said...

I think its great to have discussion about topics that we havent run in to the ground. The "fire Dave" topic that you and I have both explained to several other bloggers wont happen or the "can football turn it around" get kinda boring. Its nice to have a change of topic that gives us something new and fresh to discuss.

Great job to the women's team against wagner!

9:19 PM, October 07, 2007  
Blogger Alvin said...

I must admit to poor research on Mount St. Marys led to my prediction.
Great win for the boys 4-0, very good start in conference play. Everyone got to play. Too bad Angelo Amato broke his nose during the game. Gelo, we hope it isn't too painful.
Any predictions for LIU on Friday? If I recall correctly MU had a significant win over them last year. Grudge match or mismatch?

11:25 AM, October 08, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

LIU is 2-5-2, 0-1-1. MU blew them out last year in Brooklyn, 5-0.

I would say check out the NEC web site later today..they will have their weekly write ups on all the teams...

11:30 AM, October 08, 2007  

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