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Thursday, October 04, 2007

MU men's women's hoops latest update Thursday Oct. 4

Went over to Boylan Gym today again..women were not playing while I was there...I really don't expect to have any more updates on their injury situation until before practice next week ..

Men - Whitney Coleman looked very sharp today, Jhamar looked good, too (these are not news flashes).

For me, the most pleasant surprise has been Alex Nuynner, shooting rather well. Also - also I feel Alex is taking a bit of a leadership role with some of the young players - of which there are a ton .

Young kids - Hett didn't play that much while I was there. In my mind I'm satsified he can handle the PG role though it'll be difficult at first with so few experienced players presently around him. By the time he's a junior/senior could be one of the league's best PGs, maybe sooner...

Saw more of George Barbour today..looks like a strong, tough, kid, aggressive to the basket, might be a very good rebounder at some point. Could vie for significant playing time this year but so may several others in a very uncelar front court situation.

Here are a few other players that made an impression with me today - Adam Dobriansky showed some nice skill for a big man...Sean Barlow had some nice finishes inside. You know - he could be at least a contributor if he wants to really work hard. That's my opinion. Am stressing "could" and "wants." He is not without ability.

""The Phantom" looked strong at times going to the hoop. I feel he's really trying hard to earn singificant minutes this year.

Everyone else was generally uneven in their performances..some rather good moments.. some not so hot.

For now I still see the 4-5 positions as wide open and maybe a revolving door during the year....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the scholarship available from the Shipman transfer do you have any info on who or what position MU may be recruiting for '08 - 09?

9:28 PM, October 04, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Right now I believe it's the ever popular "best athlete available''
and probably not an early signee unless they feel they can reel in a "can't miss'' player.

My guess is the coaching staff may want to see what they think they have now with all these new faces.

12:30 AM, October 05, 2007  

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