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Thursday, October 25, 2007

MU hoops practice updates

Watched both men and women today (Thursday).....Men, maybe a tad longer but both a fair amount when they were scrimmaging....

Ladies first

Both Jimenez and Barber , bouncing back from injuries, seemed to be going close to full tilt. They're close to being ready far as I can tell. ..

PG Brianne Edwards (knee) still out, but did some light shooting. Supposed to be back after Txgiving, but hopes for a little sooner. They don't have to rush her because of the presence of JUCO Marbely Montas (looked very sharp again) and apparent return of Jimenez...

Today I thought ""Mo"' Ware, senior guard, was my ""Player of the Day.'' Very quick, good handle, hit her shots.

Downside of sloppy with too many turnovers.

Men - will have a formal intra-squad scrimmage with refs 9 am Saturday. Open to the public as are all men and women's practices.

Today - Whitney Coleman (ankle) and Yaniv Simpson (shins) did not practice, but Calloway said both should be good to go Saturday.

""Player of the Day"" - freshman F/C George Barbour. I'm really starting to like this kid. Strong, aggressive, physical, nice quickness, and attacks the hoop like a hungry, young, lion. For my money can see him playing the 5 at times, especially in the NEC.

Rookie PG James Hett...solid. Teamates will have to learn to expect quick passes.

Overall - lots of emphasis being paid to defense.

Downside - other big men, and there are lots of them, didn't show me that much today, especially on the offensive end. Rickie ""Phantom" Crews and Sean Barlow are the best finishers around the hoop. I know this is a broken record but I want to see Rickie go more to the basket.

He should l excel in transition.

Team manager Jarred Weiss said he is bringing coffee and doughnuts for everyone Saturday...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Does this kid Rutledge look like a player?
And does it seem Nunner will get increased playing time this year?

9:10 AM, October 27, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

I will get back on here tonight with my impressions of the scrimmage..right now am bogged down with all sorts of stuff ....thanks for waiting..

5:15 PM, October 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard the women had a scrimmage the other day how did they do.

9:22 AM, October 30, 2007  

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