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Monday, September 24, 2007

MU men's and women's hoops

Anyone want to comment?? Here you go...

I'll have some thoughts myself later this week...currently bogged down (MU and high school)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's something to get people talking... my projected starting line-up for the men's team. Based on my knowledge of Calloway's system and the returning players, along with what's been reported on the incoming frosh, here it goes:

PG - James "Northern T.A." Hett
SG - "The Jet" Jhamar Youngblood
SF - "Captain" Whitney Coleman
PF - "The Phantom Rookie" Rickie Crews
C - Adam "Don't Call Me Corey" Dobriansky

Hett - "Northern T.A." (Tyler Azzarelli from the North) is the only true point guard on this year's squad, even though Jet and Whitney can also handle the job, but they are better suited elsewhere.

Youngblood - "The Jet" is poised to be the next Rahsaan Johnson. His explosiveness and quickness will create match-up problems at the off-guard position.

Coleman - "The Captain" (most experienced player on the team) is also poised for a breakout year on the offensive end (he was poised last year too, but it never panned out). The fact that he has starting line-up teammates at 5'10 and 6'1, he will be pushed to the swing position.

Crews - Due to a lack of experience throughout the front court, "The Phantom Rookie" gets the nod pretty much by default. While it will still be a process for him learning the nuances of the system, he still has a leg up on his teammates. However, I might say to look for Barbour to take over by January if "The Phantom Rookie" does not become a "Phantom Menace" on the hardwood (thx to G. Lucas).

Dobriansky - His name is not Corey Hallett, but his play will make us believe (and maybe even wish) that Corey Hallett is back for 4 more years. Neither the 6'10 Canadian center and 6'9 Dutch Gaitley have stood out as a more dominant center, so the taller player gets the nod. On the flip side, with both players fighting to be the back-up center, the coaching staff could utilize a small line-up where Crews would play center and Nunner, Rutledge, or Simpson can filter into the line-up.

Shawn Barlow is still on the roster, and is actually listed at 6'11 250 per the NEC Summer Prospectus, which is taller and heavier than both Dutch and Adam (both are 225). However, his name was never mentioned in my own discussions with those close to the progam or any official reports or bloggers.

4:57 PM, September 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

This is a small team, but I guess doable by NEC standards...I agree on ""Hett and the Jet,"" and Coleman as a small forward. Or maybe even Jet at SF...the other two positions are defintely up for grabs and may be all year..though MU has to hope a player or two can firmly snag those slots..

Don't discount the rookie Nick DelTufo up front either...

5:51 PM, September 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My projected lineup talking to people with intimate knowledge of the team...

PG-James Hett
SG-Jhamar Youngblood
SF-Whit Coleman
PF-Rickie Crews if he stays out of trouble, if not look for Nick DelTufo( people very high on him)
C- Dutch Gaitley (has the edge on Adam right now according to official sources)

* Also in the loop is RJ Rutledge who has impressed. Wouldnt count on much from Simpson right now, Nunner will give a few solid minutes a night, and Dobriansky and Barlow will battle for a backup role. As mentioned prior, excpect contributions from DelTufo. Not much heard regarding the Californian Barbour.*

8:17 PM, September 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

0-30 with these line ups

9:25 PM, September 27, 2007  

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