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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Can Billet help MU get a "great player" from CBA

Let's put it this way..I think MU has a better chance now with Geoff running the show and Chris Kenny as an assistant coach (and a new building in the wings) than they had before..I know MU is eying junior 3-point shooter Brian Neller..

Here's what Geoff told me about how he will relate with MU -

""Anybody or anyone Dave wants to be involved with (from) CBA they (MU) will be one of three or four schools..."

If they (MU) want an official visit from a CBA kid they will get an official visit. If they (MU) want a sophomore or a junior to visit campus, come to a game, I will bring them (the player) to that game myself.

Anything those (MU) guys want, Dave wants, his staff (wants) from me that I can help them with, I will go out of my way to give.''

- Geoff Billet


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