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Monday, June 18, 2007

A visit to MU that high school baseball season was over and I am on vacation for a few weeks..the first thing I did was...hop over to MU today and visit with some coaches, Calloway, the Baxters, and chatted some with Dean and then with Marilyn McNeil. Callahan was not in (he escaped me!)

You may consider that a strange way to start vacation (some might say - "Get a life Tony") but covering MU athletics is the most fun thing I do.

Now the news portion of the visit..I guess the biggest news was from Marilyn McNeil on the MAC, and some baseball stands renovations...

McNeil said she believes the first MAC shovel will be placed in the ground for real - not just a ceremony - prior to the first home football game - which - as you all know - is up in the air thanks to Saint Peter's.

So you're looking at any where from mid Sept. to mid October. She said the facility should be open by the summer of 2009 and thus the first hoops seasons there will be 2009-2010 as has previously been advertised.

She also said she would "love" to have Lasalle, Iona, and Marist, the last remaining bastions of MAAC football, join the NEC as associate football members.

Baseball: the stands are being renovated with some permament seating - it looks real good over there - I thought "is this really MU's baseball field"? and the big news for me - a real, live pressbox ( will I ever get to cover a game)?

Men's hoops..the schedule not totally set yet, but MU will open Nov. 9 at Colgate and then on Nov. 11 play in the first college game - as we have said earlier - at`Seton Hall's new arena in Newark.

Calloway said MU will play a Saturday or Sunday home game every weekend in December and that it appears the home opener will be vs. Sacred Heart (possible the NEC preseason favorite along with Robert Morris)..though - come to think of it now - not sure when he said the Rider (home) game is. MU will also be hosting Penn and Princeton.

He said MU may be hosting a new D1 school - Florida Gulf Coast - and will return a visit down there next year....

Texas A & M CC - will not be returning Monmouth's visit there last season this time around, but will be here next year, Calloway said.

All MU players (yes fans, that would include "The Phantom") are `academically OK as we speak.

MU women's hoops - Non-conference home games include Villanova, St. John's, Princeton, and Drexel.

I definitely look for the women to contend for the NEC championship this season.

The men? A possibly rough season. Some talent, but very young is my take at the moment.

Also - Eddie O (Eddie Occhipinti) and former famous MU walk on and the pride of Shore Regional High School - Steve Bazaz - are going to be involved with an outdoor team in the Belmar NCAA League as players, a team that will include Barlow and Dobriansky. The Knicks are running for cover.

EO said Dobriansky will be here for about five weeks before taking a trip home to the Canadian hinterlands...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good to hear Crews is still around. I think he'll be big in our plans this year.

Isn't there an exhibition game vs. a D2 team this year?

12:55 PM, June 20, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

I think Dave told me it's vs. D 3 William'll be preseason..they also have the usual preseason scrimmage prob with Lafayette again - that is a closed scrimmage per stupid NCAA rules..

5:24 PM, June 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


My sources tell me the big news regarding the Belmar outdoor league is tonight's matchup featuring two former Monmouth Hawk basketball broadcasters when Eddy O's squad takes on Greg Mescall's team...Could turn out to be an instant classic perfect for the RallyCast

2:22 PM, June 21, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

My sources tell me RallyCast will not be present but a complete investigation will be launched into how this event was overlooked!

I'm going with the EO-Bazazzers over the Mescalls on a Barlow rebound at the buzzer.

Someone let us know how this game goes and how the MU redhirts fare...

6:05 PM, June 21, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My sources tell me the big news regarding the Belmar outdoor league is tonight's matchup featuring two former Monmouth Hawk basketball broadcasters when Eddy O's squad takes on Greg Mescall's team"

Sounds like a battle of former MU HERBS!!!!

1:19 PM, June 24, 2007  

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