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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Re the MAC - Now all they have to do is build it!

Well - I thought there might be a little bit more of a reaction to this news...

Just spoke again (Tuesday morning, May 22) with Monmouth U Vice President and General Counsel (school lawyer) Grey Dimenna.

""Here it May 22nd and the deadline was May 14th so if someone was going to appeal I think I would have heard about it now,'' Dimenna said.

""Baically there's a bunch of administrative steps that have to be taken and the Board of Trustees is meeting on Thursday to formally approve the project.

'""I dont' see the possibility of an appeal as a roadblock any more.''

MU AD Marilyn McNeil told me last week ground breaking is hoped for by mid summer at the latest...with opening planned for spring-summer 2009 and thus for beginning of the 2009-2010 hoops season.

My observation:'s been a mere 13 years or so since the first sketches of the building were made and the plans rolled out.

About four senior classes have graduated since but it would appear last year's hoops freshmen will open their senior years in the new arena.

Here is some background from most recent Press news story from Carol Gorga Williams:

The scaled-down multi-purpose activity center would have 720 fewer seats - down to 4,122 - and would host 12 "'capacity"' events a year instead of the 25 originally planned. Capacity events are expected to attract 4,000 or more people.

There also would be fewer parking spaces.The $34 million arena would host basketball games and feature an indoor track, the university bookstore, athletic department offices, the Varsity Club, classrooms and a fitness center

Also (from me) ..there are no plans for any additional varsity sports at Monmouth now or at least in the immediate future. There is some club wrestling starting up, and someone asked about men's lacrosse. Apparently not much in the varsity future at MU for either sport.


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