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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

FDU review/my thoughts - was this a bad December rerun?

First an looks like for the next two weeks during weekdays beginning today I will be away from my computer from about 10-am daily until afternoon or - at latest - evenings.
All comments will be moderated as usual....maybe not as often during the day. I am a late night person anyway...

Now to the game:

I was having flashbacks to watching the LIU and Hartford games back in December, run, gun, forget the shot clock. Just jack up shots. Not everyone all the time, but too many. I thought they were over that. Guess not.

FDU started to press early to up the tempo and MU took the bait like a fish to a lure. FDU was running even off made Monmouth baskets, just daring the Hawks to beat them down the court.

I'll tell you what, if this incoming recruit PG Hett is a "system player" as I hear he is, and can run the MU offense right away, he'll play a lot next year.

FDU did shoot very to them. They also were not intimidated by Bunch. Just took it at him and if he blocked a few shots they shook it off and kept coming and kept making shots..again, to their credit. Bottom line..this is a very inconsistent Monmouth team with - as Steve Edelson is writing in Tuesday's Press - no identity.

For those of you gloating about the impending end of the MU winning season streak ....The math is - .Hawks need to go 5-0 rest of the way to be 16-14 entering the NECs or go 4-1 (15-15) and win first two games in the NECs.

If they do make the NECs I would say they are opening - and probably closing - somewhere in the state of Connecticut - or maybe at FDU.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're getting it all wrong...nobody's gloating about MU probably breaking their string of 6 consecutive winning seasons.

What people are irked about is Calloway's using his NEC record (let's face it, that's EXACTLY where the winning seasons have come from!) and constantly holding it up to the press for his own job security.

The problem is -- no one (outside of those in the NEC) care one iota about NEC wins! Just last week, I was listening to WFAN (Mike & the Maddog show). They were contemplating setting up a local college hoops charity tourney out on Long Island featuring St. John's, Seton Hall, Iona (since they would draw big) and another team (forgot who) as their cornerstone teams, to be in it each year. The remaining 4 teams, they figured, could be changed each year. They went on with this for a good 10 minutes or so naming local teams to be part of it and you know what? They mentioned probably everybody in this section of the country EXCEPT Monmouth. Why's that -- because even after 6 straight winning seasons NOBODY ELSE CARES!

On another slightly different topic, has anybody but me noticed the raves from recruiters about coach Callahan's signings since the wraps were taken off his scholarships? Granted, we haven't seen them plat yet, but the sense of quality is certainly there. How do they look stacked up against the 'role players' and 'projects' we've been bringing in lately -- especially in the big man category? Aren't hoops scholarships worth as much as football scholarships?

8:36 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was telling someone at the game last night about how there might be MU recruits attending, since this was such an anticpated game. Guess if there were, they might have come away with either of 2 mindsets:

1 - get me outta here; what a
lousy program!

2 - sign me up; I can start

8:45 AM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Good post.

I have to run out as we speak as I have alluded to..but I will get back to you on this and to all other posts later this afternoon/evening. Please bear with me. Thank you.

8:46 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the 4th 'cornerstone' team Mike & the Maddog mentioned was Hofstra.

As alternating teams even FDU and Wagner were mentioned...but no Monmouth!

9:04 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony, Here's my thoughts on last nights game viewed on TV. Some of our players think their GOOD and they are NOT. With the exception of a few guys playing like they care, the rest of the team is going through the motions. If you wanna win play like it, if not maybe you should try out for the badminton team. Total Disgrace!!!

Maybe Dave should give PT to young guys and see if they have any heart. Your Thoughts?

9:23 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the gentleman with the first post in this section,

Sir, with all due respect, your points are well-taken, but extremely off and grossly wrong. You sir are what is wrong with fans today. One moment, the world is ending, the other no one can do wrong. You're probably one of the people last year who jumped on the Monmouth bandwagon right around the time they hit their stride as the tournament came, then demolished Hampton and gave Villanova all it could handle, trust me, I was at both games. Fans and people like you, who I would categorize as far from a MU fan, need to relax. This year is what is known as a down year, it happens. The magic that was captured last season sure seems like a long time ago thanks to people like you. Sure, winning is important, but can we please step back and see the situation for what it is. The facts are Monmouth lost it's starting backcourt in a league dominated by guard play and have three sophomores and a freshman playing the bulk of their minutes in the backcourt. The front court has players who haven't fully realized their potential and have been forced to do things they shouldnt have to because of the inexperienced guards. Where in there do you see that the system doesn't work? To blame the coach for this is not right, in fact, to blame anyone for this isn't right. Again, I point to the facts. Oppossing teams have played well against Monmouth this year and have shot the ball well. That is a product of both poor MU defense and good execution by the other team, again, it happens. This team is coming off one of the best finishes to a season that any NEC team has ever had, and you are calling for the coach's firing? The last point I'll make here because I'm sure this will be rebutted is the main source for your argument, WFAN's Mike and The Mad Dog. I grew up listening to them and consider them surrogate uncles, but they are by far the last place I would turn to for college basketball talk and news. Odds are, they couldn't name one player on any of the teams they mentioned to take part in their charity basketball tournament, so what makes you think they will mention Monmouth. They only know us the school that's closet to Monmouth Park and they might see the sign when they drive down to Bar A to do their summer show in August.
To get back to my main point. Let me ask you a question sir, do you also post anonymously after the Hawks win? If you do, then good and your previous comments have some validity, otherwise they are erroneous. I look forward to yours and others responses, but remember, every team has peaks and valleys, good years and bad years. I know sports is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately business, but please don't lose sight of the fact that just about one year ago Monmouth became the doll of the nation for a week, and coach Dave Calloway's name was on a few AD's speed dial to help their struggling program. I never played for Calloway and I'm not one of his boys, but I know what he is, a successful coach who is having a down year.

Thank you Tony for allotting me the space to voice my opinion and keep up the good work.

11:32 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous mu mystery coach said...

I saw A LOT of high school players at the game last night. The whole Neptune basketball team was there, as was the whole Vineland basketball team. Also, I saw a CBA player and a Shore Regional player. I wonder if any of these players are potential recruits for either team. The only thing I can say is if both teams were recruiting the same players, I think we know which team looked more appealing to play for last night. However, the place was packed and the energy was there for a litte while. So, if you are recruiting and trying to sell the rivalry/passion for MU athletics I guess that could've worked. Hopefully some of those kids are good forwards and wanna come to MU, that's all I have to say.

11:50 AM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Hayward said...

MU needs to be going after then type of big men FDU has - 6'7" or 6'8" guys that are fairly athletic. You don't need 7 footers to get rebounds in the NEC. Andre Harris did a great job last night. He backed in on Bunch, took a step or two back and lofted shots over JB's outstretched arms - swish!

Mike Shipman has not been the same since he came back from his academic issues. He's clearly the 3rd guard and falling.

I thought we might have a Phantom sighting last night - I guess we'll wait to 2007-08.

12:58 PM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monmouth was mentioned quite early in the Mike and the Mad Dog holiday tournament discussion, they were probably the 2nd non-cornerstone team mentioned, by Mad Dog, so some of you must have selectively missed that.

6:08 PM, February 13, 2007  
Blogger bob curran said...

To MU Mystery:Neptune and CBA don't have a D-1 prospect on their roster......can't speak for Shore or Vineland.

8:24 PM, February 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re:Mike Shipman
OK people you can't have it both ways in this game called life. It seems it's always his fault win or lose with you guys. This kid lives to play ball and never goes out tolose but has to play inside a system that doesn't exactly allow for much from its PG than pass the ball to the Big guys which he seems to do very well judging from his team leading assist stat. Yes we would love to see his shots fall in more often than less and loved seeing him go to the basket (like @ Wagner & getting to the ft line)but those were not the plays called Mon.Not a bias opinion since I've known Mike since his AAU days in the BX. but just an observation all the same.

1:07 PM, February 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Bobby (jones lover)...Shore doesnt have a D-3 player!

4:29 PM, February 14, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Re certainly wasn't his fault they lost basically by 20 points Monday night thoiugh he did not play all that well (and had lots of company.). Deki was very bad on defense, Marques disappeared , etc. etc.

There are times I would like to see him play a little more under control and also make some better decisions.

In seems to me point guards and centers are often like the quarterbacks in they're the guys genrally looked at to make things happen..

In general..for whatever reason.. this MU team has never jelled as a team..

I thought Edelson's column off the FDU game pretty much hit the nail on the old noggin.

Do we know what this team is..except very average? No.

8:02 PM, February 14, 2007  

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