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Monday, January 22, 2007

MU fball - Duquense to the NEC is official..Press story


In 2003 the Northeast Conference champion Monmouth University football
team bowed to Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference champion Duquesne
in the ECAC Bowl in the only meeting between the teams.
The teams will soon meet again on a regular basis beginning in 2008
with announcements
Monday that Duquesne, the dominant force in MAAC football for years, will
join the NEC as an associate member in football beginning in 2008.
The Dukes have a 73-8 record in 13 seasons in the MAAC. They
shared the 2006 MAAC championship with Marist and
have won or shared eight consecutive titles and 10 of the past 12.
Their 39-game win streak against league opponents ended with a 17-13 loss to Iona last
Kevin Callahan, Monmouth coach, called Duquesne a ""great addition" to the
""They have a strong football program and have been extremrly successful
over the years,'' said Callahan. ""Duquesene brings another quality football
program to an already strong NEC.''

"We are excited to add a football program the caliber of Duquesne," said
Brenda Weare, NEC Commissioner. "Football is an integral sport in the NEC, and the addition of Duquesne
will strengthen our reputation as an emerging Football Championship
Subdivision (FCS) league (formerly known as 1-AA)."
This fall Duquesne will compete for the final time the MAAC which does not offer football scholarships. The the NEC began offering
football rides last year with a
maximum of 30 allowed in its programs at one time.
In the NEC Duquesne will, in effect, replace former NEC football member Stony Brook which
has opted for independent status.
The NEC also includes Robert Morris, Saint Francis, Pa.,
Albany, Central Connecticut State, Sacred Heart, and Wagner.
At least for now the subtraction of Duquesne will leave MAAC football with
Marist, Iona, La Salle and
St. Peter's.
Duquesne was the only MAAC team with a winning record in 1006.


also....MU has eight games (six NEC) scheduled for 2007 and is looking for two or three more depending on if at plays at Stonybrook which has bolted the NEC.

Only home games are Wagner, RMU, and Albany which it visited last year. It will play at Delaware and Saint Peter's, and I guess at Stonybrook though apparently that's not etched in stone.

Game at Lafayette fell through..apparently Lafayette pulled out.


Anonymous FL MU/C ALUM said...

Good move adding Duquense to the NEC. Should add some challenge to the schedule.
Now we need to find some challenging teams to play in 2007 as we look forward to Duquesne in 08.
Glad to read about the two transfer students for 07 and 08. They should help the program.
Now let's recruit for 07 and make MU a power for the future.

5:04 PM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another step in right direction for the NEC at earning a bid. I wouldn't be a surprised if Marist or another one of the MAAC team followed to the NEC. Maybe we are looking at a two division league with a league championship.

9:06 PM, January 22, 2007  
Anonymous NEC fan said...

Any idea on the status of the NEC's discussions with Marist? I heard we asked them to join too. I think they would be a good fit for the NEC.

I don't want to see LaSalle, Iona, or SPC in the NEC - they bring nothing to the table.

What is the future of the football conference? Will Albany and CCSU bolt for a new conference with will 63 scholarships? There are many rumors they would join the northern teams from the CAA after a split in a few years. Wanted to know what you've heard.

Thanks you have a great blog!

10:20 AM, January 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Yes, I have heard Marist mentioned.

I would not be surprised to see them join the NEC and it might be - I think - fairly soon (a year, two?). Be interesting to see what happens now with MAAC football.

The future of the NEC in football - as I see it - may hinge on its gaining the automatic NCAA FCS (Football Championship Subdivision - what a mouthful) bid.

If it does it becomes a "real" league and more teams would be inclined to join or stay than depart.

The NEC is pushing hard for it within the framework of the NCAA.

Albany (as an associate member for football) would be more likely to leave - if it does.

CCSU is a full-time NEC member ..not sure what that relationship means as far as pulling out to another league in a sport the NEC sponsors.

12:17 PM, January 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will MU ever try and get to the 63 limit in scholarships. If they did would this happen with them leaving the NEC or will the NEC go to the limit.

7:20 PM, January 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

While not in the immediate future, I think the full boat of 63 is a possibility for MU and the NEC.

Paul Gaffney II (MU president)is a very forward moving leader and I believe is thinking along these lines.

But we are talking some years..a ball park guess would be around five? Just a random number by me at this point.

Also, at some time, MU needs to expand Kessler Field. This would take place after or around the time the MAC is built.

Big WLB meeting on that Thursday night.

9:33 PM, January 23, 2007  

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