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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dennis the Menace....and other topics

Sorry didn't get to this sooner...also..later today I hope to post comments from Callahan on Mandeville and other topics and more from Sinisi which didn't make it into Saturday's paper.

Sean Dennis...what is he thinking? He seems like a great kid but...thats' two years in a row he will miss games for "violation of team rules.'' Here's a young man with perhaps an NFL caliber punting foot. NFL teams look at character issues when making draft or free agent selections. Miles Austin' reputation was impeccable and that sure didn't hurt him. of course neither has his talent. But Sean could be costing himself money...not to mention..and no disrespect to Mandeville ..... costing Monmouth valuable field position over the first two games.

I have no idea what Sean did and I don't care if it was major or minor but it was enough to get Callahan ticked off at him....again. I was present when AD Marilyn McNeil made her ""character' type speech the first day of practice. As usual..someone wasn't listening.

So Monmouth goes into the opener with a red-shirt freshman (Sinisi) as starting TB and and frosh punter (Mandeville). That could be shaky tbhough Sinisi has looked good. Callahan plans to to rotate backs as he always does and I think Rob Lutz will get lots of time if he's healthy. He needs to have a good senior year if MU is to be successful.

As for receivers...Ron Lauch made another nice catch Friday and I think will certainly see field time this season and move up the depth chart.. Meanwhile Steve Dowens dropped two very catchable balls....

Defense looked OK. It recovered two fumbles and had the Jaamal McClintock INT.

With the addition of two more freshman to men's basketball it seems likely certain one or two of the five newcomers (if I counted right) will redshirt...

More later....


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