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Friday, July 28, 2006

Blog moving..other summer news and views

This blog will probably move later this month over to the college page as I will be covering Monmouth U. football and local colleges this fall..but also some high school football and will always welcome any high school baseball news, chatter, etc.

Have been covering a few Jersey Shore Basketball League and Lakewood BlueClaws games lately and will be going on vacation next week...then back for the start of MU football on August 8.

Heard rumor at the JSBL that Monmouth U. 7-2 center John Bunch may have surgery soon after tearing a meniscus (knee injury). I heard he'll be out about six weeks which still leaves him time to get ready for the season. This is unofficial but it was a source that should know. I have not been able to get a hold of coach Calloway yet . Bunch just can't seem to get through a summer without some sort of knee woe.

It's been fun to see the Monmouth U hoops team (aka Sterns Trailer) move into the semifinals of the JSBL playoffs..that back court of John Giraldo and Raheem Carter (yeh, I know Raheem was only there two years, he still counts!) is probably the soundest in the league.

Speaking of Raheem Carter.....I spent some time today at the Ocean Township Police Dept. No I wasn't arrested for rooting for the hapless Phillies in Metsville...Raheem is a rookie patrolman with Ocean PD and am doing a story on him that will run Sunday or Monday. He is only third Afro-American with the Ocean PD. He's such a great kid (make that young man). If you recall, as a senior basketball standout in high school he had a hand in keeping a bad situation from getting even worse in 1998 when Camden precipitated a riot at the Long Branch-Camden NJSIAA game at Brick Memorial...

If Lakewood's pitching holds up, BlueClaws should win that second half Sally League North Division title but may not have the bats to take the whole thing. Claws really don't have a stud hitter though one-two mound punch of Matt Maloney and Carlos Carrasco is formidable. My opinion is Greg Golson was moved up to Clearwater only because he was a No. 1 draft pick (2004). He can't hit a curve ball to save his life. We'll see what happens.

Todd Frazier is only batting around .240 or so for the US National Baseball Team which is none the less steam rolling its opposition...

Talk to you soon.


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