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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gebler the next Gaynor?

Could be.

Steve Falk of the Observer points put that Toms River South freshman Tyler Gebler won four games this season and Casey Gaynor won five as a freshman en route to the new Shore Conference record of 34.

If Gaynor's mark is to be broken it probably has to be broken by someone who starts well as a freshman and then become the team's ace for the next three years and Gebler seems to have the potential to fill that bill.

Wonder if frosh Chris Bresnahan of St. Rose can pitch? He didn't have a decison this year, though, far as I know. Like Gebler he is a brilliant young talent and also a shortstop. Anyone else you can think of?

No small feat by TR East to win(or share) a record six consecutive Class A South championships which it accomplished behind Casey Friday night. CBA has finished first seven years in a row in Class A North.

And now off to Toms River for the Ocean-Morristown game. I'll be back in the office later this afternoon with the report.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are way off base with this Bresnahan kid. He would not have even played varsity if he went to his public school freehold township. Saint Rose plays in one of the weeakest conferences in the shore. Their public champ was mercied by teams in b north. if they played in a north or a south or b north, this kid would be batting less than 300. Tony please find someone else to praise.

1:02 PM, June 12, 2006  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

First of all, thank you for your comment, as off-base as I believe it is. We enjoy spirited discussion.

St. Rose does play in the weakest conference in the Shore not "one of the weakest" and I have taken this into consideration.

True, Chris may not have started at some larger schools who may have had established seniors or juniors at SS while at a smaller school he had the opportunity to take the field right away.

Having said that I saw him play vs. Manasquan, TR South, and Sacred Heart and this young man would play for me any day. He has tremendous range and fluidity at SS, a live bat, and ""knows how to play'' the game.

He batted .463 with 20 RBI and 16 SB. Granted, he overmatched much of his Class B Central competition so, for the sake of argument, lets take 100 points off his batting average and subtract some RBI (he's bats lead-off so it's not that big a deal) but I would not diminish his SB as he has well above average speed. Still a darn good year for him for any team at any level.

He has already - so I am told - received letters of interest from a few "big time" schools for whatever that's worth.

We'll have to agree to disagree. I think in the next few seasons Chris Bresnahan will prove his case.

2:35 PM, June 12, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with anonymous tony, but you make some valid points as well. he certainly would not be starting varsity on any 'a" north teams and therefore would not even be on the radar screen until most likely his junior year. there is no doubt his stats are inflated due to the lack of competition but you can't even make the argument that you can take off 100 points off his average because he would be playing on a freshman team or a jv team in a north. having said all that, he has taken advantage of his situation, and gets his name in the paper a lot becuase he has hit well against his given competition, which is all his parents care about anyway. thatis why they sent him to st. rose in the first place. if he went to freehold two or cba or colts neck , they would have to wait until junior year and that wouldn't sit well in the bresnahan family. there are a lot of good freshman out there but you will not know about them until 2008. chris has a nice head start on them in the pr department.

7:31 PM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

I can't believe the pettiness and jealousy some people are displaying here. I could care less why his parents sent him to St. Rose. And trust me.... on some Class A and B teams he'd be starting or playing a lot.

The most important thing some of you are mssing here is the kid has genuine talent no matter whether he has the chance to show it as a freshman or later.

Suppose Keith Weinkofsky's parents had sent him to St. Rose or Pat Biserta's. They'd have hit 5-10 HR as a frosh (Keith did belt four as a frosh on varsity) but they'd still be pretty good a few years later wouldn't they?

Anyway..the kid can play at a high level and I will not allow any more trashing of a 15-year old on my blog.

You are welcome to e-mail meand I may or may not answer...but any more attempts degrade a player's ability, especially such a young player, will not be published on the blog.

Gee I suppose Ranaudo's over rated too because he plays at St. Rose?

Aren't there any other high school baseball topics worthy of discussion?

1:45 AM, June 14, 2006  

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