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Saturday, June 10, 2006

How long will Casey's record last? Can Weinkofsky catch Fink in 2007?

Records are made to be broken Casey Gaynor did just that Friday night with his 34th career victory. A new Shore Conference record...a teriffic feat.

But for how long will it stand? Probably not as long as Chip Hirst's record stood since 1970. Coaching has improved..many pitchers seem to start younger these days on varsity... and remember that Jeff Frazier (TR S) came close a few years ago ending with 32 wins ..and he was really an outfielder. Any one in the Shore now you think has a chance at 34?

A record within range in in 2007 will be Marc Fink's Shore career home run mark of 27. The Jackson slugger tagged 14 as a senior in '94, also a Shore Conference mark. Todd Frazier (TRS) just missed a few years ago closing with 26

But consider Keith Weinkofsky of Ocean has hit 18 now in his career and 10 this year since April 30 and he has one more game to go this season on Saturday.

And Pat Biserta..with 12 after this season..would have to have a monster year but with his talent and swing it's possible for the Point Boro blaster to make a run.

Of course both players will be walked so much in 2007 there on base pct. might be around.700!!



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