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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I thought Ryan Kalish's comments were right on target today about how a non-public ""championship" for RBC baseball would mean nothing if the Caseys fail to win the A Central Division.
My feeling has always been that these "public", "non-public,' "parochial" championships in the Shore Conference are ridiculous. To me if you finish second, whether it's baseball or badminton, you're still second. If you finish first you're a champion and if you don't, you're not.

I know how some of the public schools weep over the ""unfair advantage" the parochials enjoy in their ability to draw from wide-ranging areas. I like the attitude of of George Sourlis, Rumson girls basketball coach, whose aim is to beat the parochials and not complain if they don't.

Yes, CBA is bidding for a seventh consecutive Class A North first place finish this year. But it's not written in stone that Ocean or Freehold Township can't finish on top in 2006 either. If CBA finishes second I doubt if they'll crow over a non-public" title. If Ocean, Freehold Township, or someone else takes second behind the Colts I doubt if, in their hearts, the players will take much satisfaction in runner up status.

First place is what it is...first place. So is second.


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