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Friday, April 07, 2006

Get out the umbrella or lots of sand. Doesn't look too promising for high school baseball Friday or Saturday. Look for a bit of a shapeup in our Top 10 poll Saturday. There's a new number one............hmmmmmmmmmmmm...who could it be?

Monmouth men's soccer coach Rob McCourt looks serious in his bid to win a second consecutive Northeast Conference championship in 2006....Count 'em...FIVE transfers he's brought in and their credentials are lofty.....

Random thoughts...if Bobby Gonzalez (Manhattan) gets the Seton Hall men's hoops job as is widely believed ..will he continue the annual series with MU?. There was a verbal agreement for next year with Louis Orr but no signed contract. Why wouldn't he? MU hasn't really caused Seton Hall to break a sweat for the most part though this year could be different. and will Gonzalez look to pry Geoff Billet away from MU as was reported Thursday
by the NY Daily News?

Any time now I expect the football deal between the Northeast Conference and the Pioneer League for a bowl game between the two regular season champions to be forth coming.


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