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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Neptune, Saturday March 18, 8 p.m.

Well,, was some ride wasn't it. Talked to Dave today. He and Billet went up to Rutgers to see guard Jhamar Youngblood of St. Pat's, who has made a verbal commitment to MU. St. Pat's defeated Haddonfield to advance to the TOC final vs. Linden Wed. Youngblood had six points. He is one of several D I players on the team..sort of like Whitney Coleman was in Conn. last year. If this kid turns into Whitney that would be OK wouldn't it?
What I can do on this blog is provide additional information which we have no space to run in the APP..thus here is the scouting report on Monmouth's two NJ recruits from Steve Keller..
..Editor of the The National Recruiting Report and Director of all Player Evaluations with the Neptune-based Hoop Group

""I think Jhamar is good get for Monmouth. His ability - has got good potential..has some versatility athletic ..I don't think he's a steal. But he plays for a team that contends for the championship of the state every year and he should help Monmouth continue to contend for the NEC title.

On Rickie Crews...I under rated Rickie...he may be a big steal. He's kind of what they don't have which is a little quickness and athleticism with big guys. This kid is long (6-6), he could be the next Jason Thompson who came out of South Jersey and was an all-MAAC rookie last season.for Rider...he could be real good...

As for myself. and I am not shilling for MU..But I would get my season tickets now....I think Monmouth has a chance to be VERY good next season..with who they have back and who they have coming in. Of course, don't go by me. I'm wrong more often than right but I think they are the real deal next season (a lot hinges on Bunch's progress and whether the two young guards fulfill their promise) . MU has one scholarship left which they may hold to see if a transfer becomes available...



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