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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

10 pm March 15, Neptune Home at last. Sorry this is sooo late. But didn't get back til evening (lost car in airport, etct. etc.)..had stories to write..but anyway...
MU is in Phila after flight out of Cincinnati was cancelled and MU took another flight to LaGuardia then bused to Philly where they were supposed to practice tonight at the Palestra...The schedule for Thursday..Press conference at noon at Wachovia.. then open practice at Wachovia 12-40 pm..then, according to Calloway..another practice he says is open a short time later at the palestra... at team reception at the Sheraton Hotel (Society Hill).. Friday pep rally at the at 250 pm..will be on chs 2,3 to start..if it gets out of other words.. if Monmouth is killing them...the plug would be first pulled on the "out of town" station I would think...ALSO.. Calloway said Ch 6 in Phila shuld have a piece on MU at 11 tonight on the news...Heard Jay Wright on 950 AM in Philly this afternoon...I thought he was talking about Duke..After listening to him MU is a 10-point post probably sometime Thursday afternoon after press conf and practice..if not sooner..


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