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Friday, March 17, 2006

Neptune, NJ 853 am
Mar. 17

Just to let you know unless I get internet access at the Wachovia Center won't be able to blog until tonight, but I will give it a shot.

Anyway ..this is it!. All I know is...while Villanova is no bargain, after watching U Conn work out Thursday the Cats, as Chris Kenny has pointed out, are a better physical matchup. U Conn is ridiculous. On my way home Thursdsay night I called WIP..Sports Talk Radio in Phila. ...they had me on for about five minutes...

I can tell in and around Philly, Monmouth is regarded as a speck on the Villanova windshield which is about to be wiped off with a hankie. The host did say he heard Calloway " was a good guy." The Philly Inquirer had a story on him Thursday

Dave and the Hawks have been splendid ambassadors of MU this week, witty insightful, you name it.

Would be fun if MU can stay within 10 or so throughout the first half or longer. Southern gave Duke some problems for a while last night.


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