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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MU women's hoops update

From rumors, etc.

I heard MU did very well in a formal scrimmage against a Bucknell team that defeated MU last season and returns most of its players. The best MU player - apparently- was senior guard "Mo" Ware who is believed to have scored over 20 points. The MU newcomer PG Marbely Montas also played well, from what I have heard as did junior Brooke McElroy.

MU's Lakia Barber, Marisa Jimenez, and Brianne Edwards (injuries) did not play.
These are "closed" scrimmages per NCAA rules and scores are not allowed to be published, etc., but I heard MU won the "'formal'' part of the scrimmage by over 20 points.

MU hosts St. Peter's Saturday in anther ""closed'' scrimmage. Jimenez and Barber are expected to play in this one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tony thats good news they have a lot of good teams to play early on with a maybe game against miami that can open some eyes for them. Doing that without those 3 shows you how deep they are.

4:50 PM, October 30, 2007  

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