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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Update on Tuesday MU football scrimmage with some new Callahan quotes

I did not attend the scrimmage. This is a combination of a story from the MU web site with my adding some quotes from KC (for tomorrow's Press)...

For even more, many more details on the day. ..please go to the story on the MU web site..we can only fit so much in the paper..

Former Raritan High School quarterback Andrew Mandeville and former Wall defensive
standout Steve Scholl performed well in the team's second intra squad scrimmage of 2007

In windy, wet conditions at Kessler Field Mandeville, a sophomore battling for the back up
job behind starter Brett Burke (Wall), engineered a drive that featured three straight pass

''There are a lot of talented quarterbacks competing for the starting job but at this point
it is very clear that Brett Burke has separated himself from the pack,'' said Kevin Callahan,
Monmouth coach.

Scholl, a junior defensive end, registered three would-be sacks (quarterebacks are not
allowed to be hit in scrimmages) and another tackle for a loss.

Callahan said Mandeville managed the offense well. ""He did nice job throwing the ball in
adverse conditions,''said Callahan. ""He ran a fairly impressive drive in which we mixed the
run and the pass.''

Mandeville's day was highlighted when he hit junior Ron Lauch (Wall) for five yards which
he followed up with a pass to Nick Romeo, and then an 18-yard strike to senior Chris Kiley
(Point Boro).

Two plays later redshirt freshman Bobby Giles bounced off tackles and scampered for a 29
yard touchdown which was negated by a holding call. On fourth down Mandeville was sacked by
freshman Garrett Culloo (Ocean).

Callahan said Scholl, who has yet to appear in a collegiate game, is doing ""some good

""He's showing some good quickness off the ball,'' said Callahan. ""He's definitely in the
mix. He's demonstrated he's somebody we can count on.''

Other highlights of the day included: Redshirt freshman Joe Arneth (Jackson Memorial)
intercepting a tipped pass, picks by Jon Stolarz and Shane Mitchell, and the offense scoring
twice, both coming on goal line drills.

David Sinisi scored from a yard out on his third try, with Joe Cella (Jackson Memorial,
five tackles, fumble recovery) making the first of two stops, and Giles needing fourth down to
rumble in during the latter half of the scrimmage.
""Joe (Cella) is starting to come on strong and he has demonstrated that he has a better
understanding of the defense,'' said Callahan.

One of the key positions still up in the air is the open spot at backup running back, with
the competition heating up between sophomore Ryan Skorupka, Giles, and Halladay.

"We still have quite a few positions on this team that are still up for grabs,'' said

Monmouth conducts its final 2007 preseason scrimmage 3 p.m. Friday at Kessler Field before
beginning preparations to open Sept. 1 at University of Maine.


Blogger Alvin said...

Tony, this is great detailed coverage of MU Football!
I m a little disappointed this morning to not see anything on The Hawks debut Soccer game (Scrimmage) vs Seton Hall. Although a 2-2 tie a very exciting game. McCourt got the Freshman Class into the game and they showed very well.
Football coverage is important and interesting but I hope you will not fall into the trap of disproportionate coverage of these two fall sports.

10:30 AM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. – Monmouth earned a 2-2 draw at Seton Hall in a men's soccer exhibition match on Wednesday night. The Hawks, who trailed 2-0 at the intermission, netted two second half tallys to earn the draw in Monmouth's opening preseason contest.

After the Pirates' Eliseo Giusfredi netted two goals in the first stanza, Monmouth's Damon Wilson cut the lead in half with his penalty kick service less than a minute into the second half. Wilson's PK attempt came after Michael Millar was taken down in the box. The Hawks knotted the score in the 80th minute when freshman Ryan Kinne deposited an unassisted score into the net.

"Both teams learned a lot about themselves tonight," said head coach Robert McCourt. "It was an evenly-contested match that we can take a lot of positives out of."

Monmouth continues its preseason slate with an exhibition match against Hofstra on The Great Lawn, on Saturday morning, starting at 11 a.m.

11:07 AM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

The Seton Hall info is all from the MU web site...

11:14 AM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

A couple of points:

1. It is fruitless to compare interest in soccer and football - at almost any level (in the U.S. anyway). Coverage is always almost any paper. That is not a's simply a fact.

2. MU does provide coverage of its own scrimmages (at least it did in this case.) may access that at the MU web site...we could have run it, but our desk may not have known it was there (I didn't even get an e-mail on it) or - because it was a scrimmage opted not to use it ..but that's all we would run anyway and it no doubt would have been greatly trimmed ..

3. I DO understand the increasing interest in men's soccer at MU... we have a full preview of the season (centering on Tom Gray) running next week...

MU may be looking into GAME TRACKER for men's and women's soccer...home games..not sure how or if that's going to work..a number of opponents also have this already..

MU will provide regular season game coverage and the Press will use those releases....and those results will be available in - I imagine - a timely fashion on the MU or opponent web sites..

5. We will most likely cover (staff) - send a reporter - to NEC Tournament games (If they are home) and any NCAA games if they are within driving distance (as we did last year)...

All of the above applies for women as well..(don't know about their scrimmages)...

If you feel MU soccer (men and or women) is being under covered by the Press you are welcome to:

e-mail our sports editor, not to mention discuss it with the MU sports information department..

and also remember.. - while I PERSONALLY - would be delighted to cover more MU M and W soccer (not to mention baseball, softball, etc.).. .as far as the Press is concerned..even MU football runs second fiddle (usually) to HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL..

Please understand - I certainly don't mean to be rude or under play MU soccer - but that's the way it is..

Now..if MU becomes nationally ranked week and and week out..and knocks off Wake and or North Carolina...coverage may possibly be boosted least in space devoted to it - but that's merely my speculation.

Anything else also please take up with the sports editor ..but he will probably tell you the same thing ...

11:29 AM, August 23, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"very exciting tie"

Jumbo Shrimp.

1:10 PM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Alvin said...

The interest in America in Soccer is growing, and deserves more press coverage to help "legitimize" that growth and help it to continue. This was my main point. I hope I did not choose a way to make it that seemed like an unfair critisim on the the paper or your professional abilities. That was not my intent.
I admit to a biased point of view as a Soccer fan. I have seen the growth and potential created since MU was able to bring in Rob McCourt and would like to see the program get the attention I think it deserves. I have enjoyed the coverage you've provided thus far and want to see it continue.

4:10 PM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

To last poster - I have always felt soccer was the sport
MU had the best chance of gaining national recongition..Top 20-25 type recognition...McCourt may make it happen...

Basketball... never happen. Baseball - nope. Football has a chanced in FCS (formerly 1-AA) but of course not BCS...

7:27 PM, August 23, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

If MU soccer could start to pull in 1,000-2,000 per game we'd almost have to cover it on a staffing basis....

7:29 PM, August 23, 2007  

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