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Friday, August 31, 2007

Advisory/Blog Decorum/Etc.

FYI - As of either later September or within a few months everyone will be required to register via an e-mail address to participate in what will be a new Asbury Park Press inter active web site.

Now, about this blog in particular:

With the MU athletic seasons upon us I am also installing some ground rules for our blog. As before, I will see all blog comments as they are sent in and decide whether or not to publish them. In most cases there won't be a problem.

This blog is for discussion, information, exchange of views etc, as it always has been. I hope everyone has enjoyed it and will continue to do so.

As I have mentioned, like you I am a fan (see my profile) and have witnessed many lows and a few scattered highs in my rooting experience (that four game Phillies' sweep of the Mets this week rates almost to the moon).

I occasionally e-mail some of the professional sports writers I know in Phila., venting and asking for their opinions, etc., but I digress.

Taking everything into consideration - after some of the blog comments I encountered here last season - I have decided -

1. Trashing and bashing - There will be absolutely no trashing and or bashing of players or coaches. I have no problem with criticism of players, coaches, teams (sports writers) but it must be done in a professional manner. Discussion? Yes. Insulting? No.

I feel I was way too lenient along these lines in many instances last year. Please remember, these athletes are not professionals even if many are on forms of scholarship.

You may make an excellent point with a comment - but if you end it or include in it a remark or remarks I consider to be out of bounds - none of it will run. I will not take the time to edit comments as I also did last year.

2. Screen names: I felt most of them were very clever. "'Hit a Free Throw,' Have a 3 On Me,' are two of my favorites. A few were marginal, but at least original (I give credit sometimes for originality).

However in the event of screen names that I consider insulting, degrading, etc. to a team, athlete, etc., it will result in the comment not being published, no matter what the comment says.

3. Rumors - Just as in the newspaper, rumors will not be published unless they are verified through a reliable source or sources. Also the team, player, etc., will - as he would with the paper - have the right to ask the information not be published if their desire is it be ""off the record."' Exceptions are always a legitimate story of news value that can be confirmed.

4. Venting - if you just feel the need to vent, with the understanding it will likely not run on the blog, that's fine with me since I view all the comments anyway. If I receive an e-mail that I consider would be a worth while addition to the blog (this has happened on several occasions) I will e-mail you, asking permission to use it on the blog. In these instances I will not publish your e-mail address if that is your wish.

My e-mail is still

Finally - If you feel your blog comment is being unfairly censored you may e-mail me so we may discuss it. We will NOT discuss it on the blog as I have often done until now. It will have to be addressed via e-mail or I may also be reached via phone at the Asbury Park Press at 732-922-6000, ext. 4000.

If you are unhappy with any of the above or anything having to to do with this blog you may also e-mail our sports editor You may also contact him at the Press at the number listed.

Thank you


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