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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Local recruting expert Steve Keller of Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Service on MU Class - he has seen 3 of the players, not Barbour

Steve on the class.....

""What they got was a couple of kids who can help them well out offensively on the permiter.

Hett is crafty point guard and Rutledge is a wing who can put it on the floor and shoot. DelTufo has to help them more inside. He may need, a year, I think, to develop and get used to the level and the systems that Calloway runs, and after that, than he could be good inside for them.

Keller on Barbour - ""I've heard he's good.

""I thought Jermaine Smith ( who verbaled to MU after MU accepted the commitment from Barbour and thus was unable to take Smith with the last available scholarship) had the possibilities of being an expolsove athlete and a good player in the NEC.

"" If in the Russian Roulette game of recruiting they're right on the California kid, they've got themselves a good one.

This from a recent prior blog -

2007 Fullcourt Press Senior Showcase Report: Part I

By Dinos Trigonis(April 2, 2007)

The 2007 Fullcourt Press Senior Showcase was held on Friday March 23rd at Cerritos College (Cerritos CA) and there was plenty of unsigned senior talent present. On hand were several NCAA Division II, III, NAIA and JC coaches as well as scouts like Dinos Trigonis (Fullcourt Press), Gerry Freitas (Hoop Review), Etop Udo-Ema (Fullcourt Press & Hoopmasters), Jorge Calienes (C-Sports) and Dave Keefer and Dave Rogahn (California Preps).

Here in Part I of a two part report, we focus on several players who stood out:

George Barbour 6’7” Sr. Torrance (Torrance CA) ""Intriguing power-forward runs floor well and is active on the glass."

I personally asked Trigonis about Barbour. Trigonis: ""He's an agile forward, athletic. He was hurt a large part of the season which limited a lot people from seeing him. But he's a nice prospect.He's got a nice body, his Dad is real big. He could be 6-7, 235. He's the kind of a guy who can face up and post inside. He's very mobile. For the mid-major level or below he's a good player.''


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