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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Two former CBA players now D 1 assists in the NEC

Moon Township, Pa. - May 3, 2007 - New Robert Morris University head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice has announced that Andrew Toole is joining the men’s basketball staff as an assistant coach for the Colonials. Toole, a native of Red Bank, N.J., is the first of three assistant coaching hires for Rice.

Toole played at CBA and at Elon and Penn.

Chris Kenny, of course, is an assistant at MU.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course Tony! You are sooo smart!

7:59 PM, May 03, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

I know...

8:17 PM, May 03, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

To anon re: Shupin. Got it. Thank you!

11:43 AM, May 04, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shupin? Who is that?

1:59 PM, May 04, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

A Former Wall HS baseball player who is stealing bases like mad at George Washington U. Has very little to do with this topic..but the anon person ""e-mailed me" so to speak via the blog...for our locals in college weekly roundup...also said Shupin is a friend of Chris Kenny which is nice, but sort of irrevelent.

5:10 PM, May 04, 2007  

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