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Sunday, February 25, 2007

All tiebreaker scenarios now on NEC website!!!

From Northeast Conference Associate Commissioner Ron Ratner (no doubt aided by Bob-Tiebreaker Curran)...

1. MU wins it's in.
2. Could end as high as sixth - and will play in Conn. CCSU, SHU, or QU.
3.If MU loses it gets in: if Robert Morris beats LIU and FDU beats St. Francis (NY): MU #8.

This game with Pa. is on live video on the SFPA web site Monday night (and on MCX of course).

MU WOMEN - can finish anywhere from fourth to sixth. Could get a home game!!!

I personally want to thank Ron Ratner for spending part of his Sunday responding to my men's tie-breaker naggings....and to Bob for working on this material (because he likes to!) for many hours this weekend..and for being the first person on the planet to inform us that MU is in if it wins!!

(I think ESPN broke in with that bulletin but am not certain).


Blogger bob curran said...

I'm sorry but you or Ratner are wrong and i'll explain why:The FDU vs SFNY game means nothing to MU.Let's say LIU loses and its MU and SFNY at 7-11.MU would get the tie-break over SFNY because the Mount would finish ahead of FDU and MU has the better record vs.the Mount and wins via the tie-break.It's very simple.MU wins their in,MU loses and LIU loses their also in.If LIU,MU and SFNY tie,LIU is in.

12:47 PM, February 25, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hawks run the table 4-0 all the back to Dayton. The SR will get it going and play MU Basketball. Last Chance Lets Go Hawks...

1:30 PM, February 25, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

You must have been hit on the head by a very optimistic snowball.

6:36 PM, February 25, 2007  
Anonymous future coach of mu said...

How bout some predictions on MU SFPA game? I say MU 78 and SFPA 72. It is a close game alittle sloppy lots of turnovers but "the jet" takes over the game by scoring 27 points and 20 of them in the 2nd half!!!

8:45 PM, February 25, 2007  

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