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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Anatomy of a collapse

During 19-2 SHU run..MU 0-for-4 from the floor, 0-2 from Marques in close, misses by Delic and Youngblood, and 3 TOs (Delic, Shipman, Coleman). Down 63-50 SHU hit six 3's in a row..the last five after it was 65-53....

Big play (s) that started the rally....pushing foul on Youngblood on layup by Litke away from the play. SHU retains possession and hits a 3 for a five-point play and it's 63-58. The "Jet" had a great game, a fabulous game really, but foul there was not necessary.

Some other my opinion Dave could have called a time out somewhere in there. I know they had Bunch out of the lineup for a while because he can't get out to defend the three. But the MU guards and the lineup on the floor can't defend the 3 either. It's really the right move but, as in the LIU game, it didn't work.

Maybe if you keep Bunch in at least you slow the game down a little.....and he scores inside, and you take your chances with the long ball in favor of scoring....Defending the 3 has been a problem all year that's gotten worse instead of better.

In 3 defense in NEC games, MU is ninth (.389). By the way Pa. is last (.412).

In other words..they're damned if they do..and damned if they don't.

MU was fifth in 3 defense in NEC .last year..but when MU won the NEC in 2003-2004 MU was......last!!!..and when it won in was eighth...(so it has never been outstanding, those years anyway) in that dept..but has been much better in overall defense...especially scoring defense..not the case lately..

At the same time, Alston had two very makeable shots to help halt the SHU rally, and he missed them both...and Deki missing that open 3...

This team - for the most part - came up small all year in big situations.....after the Rider game.... could be all over now...can MU even beat Pa? and will it matter? and do you really want to see this team in the NECs?


Anonymous MU Student said...

I've heard so many people say that Dave could called a TO but do you think that wouldve made a difference?? I think MU shouldn't look back on this game but instead should start lookin at some file from SF PA because this is the biggest must win theyve had all year.

I find it extremely ironic that the MU men and women fell apart very similarly. Eery almost

3:58 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving the game last night was sad. You hate to see your seniors lose their last home game, especially when they were winning the game practically the entire way. I wish Calloway had called a time out during that SHU run...but would it have made a difference? When a team gets hot, they tend to stay hot...unless they are MU.

Winning at PA...I would certainly hope so! Making the tournament...not so sure. And I don't think it would be a bad thing. Let's just put this season to bed and look forward to a stellar year next year.

And hey, we still have the JSBL to look forward to right?

9:37 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Re the TO - would have liked to have seen one called there at some point...a difference? Who knows. They lost the game on both ends of the court. Give credit to SHU also for making the shots. They weren't layups.

9:42 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calloway was saving his Time Outs for the next game... Great bench Coaching,maybe the best ever....

9:49 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous The Boy Wonder said...

Holy colossal colapse Batman!

10:36 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous have a 3 on me said...

Whenever MU gets a lead like last night you know the press will come up to face them soon. That's where their problems began -- this team can't handle it!

And for a team which SUPPOSEDLY is built on defense, can they ever stop giving wide open looks on the 3 to teams?

10:40 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:51 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Have a 3 on good.

Yes, the press bothered them some....but I think the TOs (as I remember them - as I noted my tape failed..why wouldn't it?) were more careless (still not acceptable) than a case of being rattled....

Talked with someone after the game who is very close to what's going on....

Basically said MU missing many assignments in guarding the 3, very poor in "guarding the ball" as Calloway says....and not just last night ..

an LIU coach supposedly told MU coaches after the game the other night..""Your defense definitely not as good as last year."

I guess not.

10:52 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger bob curran said...

"Have a 3 on me",that is a great one....may be the best.
I really feel bad for Coach Krayl.How his hair is not white by now is a mystery to me.If this defensive guru can't get these guys to respond,who can?

11:10 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

My revised Top 5 screen names

Have a 3 on me
The Little Voice
Holy Hallett
Hit a free throw
Jhamar JetBlue

I imagine we may have some more candidates but this group will be tough to crack....

Final top selection to be announced at end of the season.

Winner gets to sit with WLB mayor opening night at the MAC.

11:27 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Forget the Nicks, forget the Bruins and forget the Celtics! It's time for the Jay Mar.

This guy has such great potential. Let's think about building something around his style.

He is giving you double digits each game as a freshman. Can you imagine what he is capable of if MU played his style?

Seems like a no brainer!!

11:33 AM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say it..but of this senior class only two players leave it on the floor. Bazaz, I'm sure you do when you touch the hardwood. Let the rest of the readers guess who they are? Tony, you've watched enough games to know who wants to be good and who acts like their good. I know I'm being a little critical, but I've watched enough games since 1993 that it bothers the heck out of me to watch these guys without passion!!! You wanna name a few guys who would rip your throat out on the floor...Mr. Gordon, Lee, Barksdale, Giraldo, Kenny, Azzarelli, Johnson, Hamilton...enough you get the point!!!

11:50 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

True - in my opinion (and yours). Got to run the O through him next year similar as they did with Rahsaan.

11:57 AM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger bob curran said...

It's a shame that the Jet's performance last night got lost in the debacle.This kid is a God!He went through their D like they were standing still.He may have the quickest hands I ever saw at MU.
As far as next year,I still try to remain upbeat.Whitney will return to his star form as a 1 or 2 option.This year he was a 4th or 5th option and that was a shame....too good of a player.Ship will run the show and hopefully he can get his shooting touch back in order.We should be able to get 40 plus points from these three.The question remains where the other 25plus points will come from.

12:28 PM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Re: leaving it on the floor. I think all these players are playing as hard as they can but that may not be - well it isn't - enough.

Some - however - are too careless with the ball.

If one could start the season now...I'd run everything through Jhamar ..and go from there. But it's waay too late now.

The defensive issues would remain and appear to be a problem for next year as well...especially with no Bunch inside.

12:35 PM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger bob curran said...

Just a quick stat:MU is 12-3 when giving up 68 points or less and 0-14 when giving up more than 68 points.

12:40 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!!! Calling a TO probably would have helped, but how would we know since he just sat there with his hands on his hips. When a team consistantly blows games in the 2nd half, you have to look at the coaching. This team has won in the past because of their superior defense (krayle), not because dave calloway coached them there. I cant for the life of me understand how this guy has any supporters. If his performance didnt make you sick last night, what will???? Its also a sign of poor coaching when your head coach seldomly takes the blame for pathetic performances. Dave just likes blasting his players every loss.

My stomach turns when i have to think of this guy coaching our team for at least another 3 years.

People talk about jhamar in the coming years, but you better keep your fingers crossed that he's still with MU. Im sure we already lost Crews.

I would love to write more, but i have to run back to the bathroom because im sick to my stomach.

1:23 PM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Look....Dave has as much to do with coaching the defense as Krayl...I can vouch for that from practice sessions..some coaches more than another.

If you want to credit who installed the defense go back to Wayne Szoke..that's who first put in the match up..and it hasn't changed all that much....

I agree Dave should have called a time out. I also feel Bunch should have been in the game during the SHU rally...but - again - I under stand the reasoning he wasn't.

I don't know about the final minutes..I could just feel the team tightening up once SHU was on the door step. They were loose, fancy free shooting 3's...

I had no confidence anyone other than Jhamar for MU might make a big basket..and even he missed the
one shot (per the play by play sheet - missed jumper off his own offensive rebound, 5:57) he took in that span...

Marques misses twice inside..Delic misses a forced layup and an open 3.....who did you want to shoot the ball there? Ok..Bunch. But he's not in the game.

Never got the feeling this year Dave trusted Bunch late in the year as a go to guy in the final minutes..especially after JB did flub a few shots and passes late in the FDU road debacle..though he appears to be more in the flow now ....

It's an incomplete, uncertain team, at both ends of the floor.

Dave is - of course - responsible for recruiting the players. But if you knew this team - coming off last year - would fail as badly as it has...please take me with you when you buy lottery numbers.

1:41 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous future coach of mu said...


From what you saw this year by "the jet" who do you think is better him or Rashean Johnson?

Can you imagine if these to got to play on the same team together. MU would be a dynasty!!

10:56 PM, February 24, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Jhamar has blue-chip potential...he's not Rahsaan.....yet.

10:58 PM, February 24, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:55 AM, February 25, 2007  

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