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Friday, February 16, 2007

My review of CCSU game, other topics, etc.

First - I am going to quickly moderate comments on several various topics other than the game -

Re: men's soccer. As you point out, two comments (one for each All-America I guess). That's not a lot. But I encourage and am open to discuss any local collegiate sport ..whether I personally cover it or not. But you have to mention it for it to be discussed. You may always place it on any blog comment (I read them all!) and I will then create it as a blog topic.

Re: WMCX. As a former radio announcer I am well aware of technical problems. The general public though could care less about those issues. They just want the broadcast, which is also understandable.

HOWEVER - I repeat and also add to something I said much earlier this season and this is not a reflection on MCX...

1. MU has to get off its duff and get itself a commercial radio station with internet stations - for the most part- sound like college stations

2. MU and this is VERY IMPORTANT - also needs to video streamline its games, at least its home games, as some NEC schools and some leagues already do. I believe this may be in the works for MU hoops (football I'm not sure) starting next year.

Why? Recruiting..that's one big reason. If you're a parent and torn between having your son/daughter accepting a scholarship to - MU - or school Z - where you can watch your son/daughter on line.....hmmmm...let's see ..what would I chooose? All things being almost equal.

Don't think I am being trivial here. In recruiting - a cut throat business - you need every edge you can steal.

Now to the CCSU game:

From about the first five minutes on I felt MU had no chance as foul shot after foul shot clanked off the rim and CCSU gained a double digit lead which I figured it would not blow.

This MU Team does not play well under pressure - for the most part - as we have seen.

First half foul shooting (4-for-13) and overall shooting (8-for-20) left a lot to be desired.

Game still semi up for grabs first 11 minutes of second half..MU playing better defense is holding CCSU to ONE field goal in that time..but CCSU hits 6-for-6 from the line and struggling MU scores three baskets over first 10 minutes and can't make a serious run.

Jhamar was scintillating the last five minutes though CCSU may not have been challenging his drives to the basket with the intensity it did for the first 35. Still, he again showed his explosiveness after being limited to nine minutes first half when he sat with two fouls.....CCSU's Mojica after the game called him a ""Rookie of the Year" candidate...

But this game was lost early on defense and at the foul line. MU is shooting almost 65 percent for the year including the CCSU game from the stripe. NEC leader RMU is at 75 percent. National leader California is at 78 percent. MU shot 19-for-30 (63 percent) for the game.

CCSU is not a great team physically ..but it plays hard, usually smart, does not make critical mistakes, pounces on the miscues of others, and plays well in crunch time. As Dave said after the game - "To go 14-1 in any league is pretty impressive.""

I have a hunch, though, it may get knocked off in the NEC Tournament. Just a hunch.

Note - Any comment sent in that included four letter words or insulted a player just for the sake of it being an insult..was disqualified for publication immediately.



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