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Friday, January 26, 2007

Question on Saturday's MU-RMU double dip, women at 3 p.m. and men at 7 p.m.

Anyone plan to attend both games? Which one? If games were at 5 and 7 pm would you be more inclined to attend both?

Just wondering....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family and I will be there as we follow both the Men and Women. Like the 3/7 combo better than 5/7 as it gives an opportunity for dinner -- need to pump money into the WLB economy afterall. When the MAC is built -- and IT WILL BE BUILT in some form -- the fan amenities should be such that back to back games would work in the evening. Until then, think back to back would work better on non-NFL Sundays (or a Saturday over the holidays or maybe MLK day and President's Day) with 2/4PM or 3/5 PM starts. I think such day doubleheaders would be an awesome opportunity to promote to schools, youth teams, etc. Not sure Saturday day doublheaders would work great because of the competition with youth sports and the nature of the day as an errand day.

Wish folks would come out to see a competent and scrappy Women's team -- but I think with a 5/7 the bulk would be attendees to the Men's game wandering in with 5 minutes left in the second half of the Women's game.

Your thoughts? Does anybody in the NEC do evening weekend double headers? I know there are some weekday ones but that is generally to accomodate TV package (such as it is) -- obviously folks are still coming from work at 5 on a weeknight. Think MSM and the CT schools have some success with Saturday day doubleheaders.

Again, hope people will come out this Saturday at 3 as well as 7.

Thanks for a continued great blog

9:25 AM, January 26, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Cenn Conn. did a Saturday (2-4 pm DH last week)..women drew about what MU women draw..

Agree 5-7 Saturday DHs prob not the best idean and though 2-4 pm would be better, MU men usually do very well with their Sat night they don't want to disrupt that which is understandable...

Most NEC teams - far as I know - do not do weekday DHs (unless for TV like Feb 23 DH at Monmouth.

You have a good point about the MAC..set up a nice food court (s), maybe a picnic area type setting, and see if that would work.

10:01 AM, January 26, 2007  
Blogger B_uzz said...

I'm ok with the doubleheaders, but why do they only leave 2 hours between the start times? They did it at CCSU last saturday and it only leaves the men about 1/2 hour practice time. They are used to having at least a full hour to get loosened up and to practice shooting. I don't think you should change the normal habits that the players go through unless it's unavoidable like if the women's gave goes into overtime.

11:41 AM, January 26, 2007  
Anonymous jason krayl said...

Tony I will be there tonight for the guys game, but during the day its CBA vs. St ANthonys for me.

8:37 AM, January 27, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Poor CBA...they need you and the Billets to suit up!

9:25 AM, January 27, 2007  

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