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Friday, January 26, 2007

My comments on SFPA game/nothing to get really excited about

Well..yes..MU won..but I wouldn't take a dash to the airline counter making any NCAA arrangements thinking this team's problems have been solved. SFPA (RPI 327 of 336) wasn't exactly Gonzaga.

The good things:

Certainly the return of Ship was a big time plus in this game...all the guards played well ( 10 assists, 4 TOs - all by Whitney - but he made up for that with 16 points) and they all played under control ....ran the offense..didn't force too much. Deki was white hot. Seemed to injure his elbow there, but came back and hit another 3.

Good to see Marques get some key touches and some big hoops inside that turned the game around. He's got to keep doing that

Ok the bad: MU got killed on the glass..27-13 is embarrasing. Sweetney had as many rebounds as the entire MU team.'s plain ridiculous, embarrasing. I never remember any stats like that.

RMU didn't even play Thursday and still has 100 more rebounds than MU.. RMU overall is No. seven or 8 in the NEC in total rebounds but MU is No. 11 and last in total rebounds. RMU is no. 2 in rebound margin, and MU is No. 10.

RMU is No. 2 in offense and MU is also No. 10 there. ..MU is No 2 in defense but RMU is No. 4.

Anyway...both teams have many of the same guys back from last year when RMU swept MU.

In my opinion it's rather disappointing to see Bunch relegated to non-factor. Not that he's playing great, and they are quicker with him watching.

But he remains a potential difference maker and it's not happening. In short, I don't know how far they can go without him making a significant contribution unless Marques really takes more major strides from here on out.
Well, we may see.

As I thought, Rickie is getting some first half run. Late January has become late November-early December for him as far as game experience.

Anyway this (Robert Morris Saturday) is a HUGE game in the world of MU hoops. Win and the Hawks can seriously begin to consider a top four NEC playoff berth.

Lose and MU will have dropped its only regular season games to Q pac and RMU, critical in tie breakers, and probably will mean MU is doomed to fighting for an 8-7-6, maybe five spot.

This (RMU game) is also the MU halfway point in the NEC schedule, after which MU will only have four home (including Monday vs SFNY) and five games away.



Blogger bob curran said...

Didn't see the game last night....nice to get a win.When we go to the small rotation we can score,just like last year.Giving up 9 offensive rebounds was a little troubling,especially with RMU coming to town.
To beat RMU,the game has to be in the 60's or lower and we can't be outrebounded 2 to 1.Tell Dave to put a lid on the hoop at practice and send 6 guys to the "o" glass to get our guys ready for RMU.

10:15 AM, January 26, 2007  

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