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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Who said this?

(Point) Boro bats are going to have to have a big day to post the upset (of CBA). Can't see it.

Of course..I said it. Just another reason never to mortgage your house, car, or puppy, on any prediction I make.

So now the Shore Conference semis are set. Ocean will travel to Freehold Township
Saturday and Point Boro to TR South.

Interesting in that all four teams have NJSIAA games Friday so we'll see how the
pitching shakes out.

A quick review of games I saw Wednesday.

Went to watch Ocean vs. RE East but had a brief meeting at work which made me just a
few minutes late. Naturally I got there after Keith Weinkofsky had hit one to Tibet and
Jamie Rosenkranz added another.

Weinkofksy's seventh of the season (15th of his career) tied his dad, Chuck, who hit
seven as an Ocean senior. The Ocean single season record is 10 by Mike Chiarella last

Ocean pitched well but TR East isn't hitting. Had a runner at third with one out in
the first and Casey Gaynor bounced out and Ryker Toscano flied out and that set the tone
for the day.

East will have Gaynor on the mound in the states Friday. They win if they get him
some runs.

The TR South/St. Rose game was fascinating, great effort by Anthony Ranaudo and St.
Rose, by Evan Bigler and the Indians, but I hated the way the game ended. How anti

Wanted to Bigler to blast one out of sight or at least Mark Perry smash a game-ending
hit. Or have Ranaudo win his own game with a bomb on the roof or Jayson Hernandez line
one in the gap.

Soooo.. Perry hits a hopper in the infield with the bases-loaded, St. Rose can't make
a play at the plate. Ball game.

I think we should at least start that part of the inning over with the bases loaded
and go from there. Don't you?

Just kidding on that part.

But the ending was sort of a let down and would have been even if St. Rose had won in
similar fashion. The count was 3-1 on Perry when he swung. Maybe even a bases-loaded
walk might have been more exciting. But I don't think TR South plans to give it back.



Blogger shoreballfan said...

Tony, just heard that B-South named Biserta and Heuer as co-hitters of the year. How bout breaking tradition and naming them Co-Shore Players of the Year? Biserta's the best hitter in the Shore but without Heuer's clutch season behind him where would Boro be? Add up the stats and you'll see the best 3-4 tandem the Shore has seen in years and they have brought Boro to baseball heights previously unknown and slayed some big dragons, CBA, TRS, Monmouth, etc, along the way. While I'm at it how can you deny Currie Shore Coach of the Year? His personal courage and inspiration go well beyond the field with these kids. OK, one more, how bout Heuer for Male athlete of the year, as the option QB he only led football team to 12-0 and first state champs in 27 years with biggest games in playoffs. Now doing same with baseball team. It's about winnin baby and it not just done in Toms River anymore. Keep it up Boro for us smaller schools.

9:37 AM, May 26, 2006  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

You make good points. Obviously Pat and Tom are candidates for all sorts of honors and Walt, too. As far as baseball we have to see how far the Boro and other teams go in the SCT and states and who does what before figuring out final awards.

Don't worry. It's not like they're flying under the radar.

I hope to see Round II with TR South this weekend.

11:22 AM, May 26, 2006  

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