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Sunday, May 28, 2006

What? No high school baseball? A fan who who belongs in the "can."

Well, here it is Sunday, Memorial Day, and no meaningful local high school baseball game to attend after covering three Saturday.
I am suffering from high school baseball withdrawal. There must be one around somewhere. South Jersey? South Dakota? Where?

Well, let's review Saturday.

Gobbled up a few doughnuts on the way as I arrived at Freehold at just after 10-am for the Freehold-Monmouth game.
Monmouth couldn't really do anything all day with Freehold starter Jason Nardi and Ryan Cuneo's big RBI double in the third inning off Monmouth's Bobby Wyrwa proved to be the key hit in Freehold's 4-2 win.
It's still debatable this year as to who hits the higher pop ups. Cuneo or Ocean's Keith Weinkofsky. We're talking rain makers here.

Freehold now moves on to hosts Colts Neck in the CJ III semifinal Tuesday setting the stage for a possible All-Shore CJ III final if Ocean can take out Nottingham. Starting pitching? Well both are without arguably their top pitchers as Freehold can't use Nardi due to NJSIAA pitching rules and C Neck is minus Anthony DeSclafani (back). So it comes down to depth and bullpen where Freehold has the option of using Cuneo starting and or relieving. Colts Neck has several quality arms from which to choose (Yuhas, E. Jackson, Hayes).

After the game (Freehold-Monmouth) back in the car for the ride over to Freehold Township for the SCT semifinal between the Patriots and Ocean. The trip seemed a whole lot shorter than that 10 mile (it seems) walk from the parking area down to Patriot Park. Still no tram!! How about NJ Transit service?

Perhaps by now some of you have heard, read about the Greg Spatz home run into the garbage can in Ocean's 9-3 win. One of the funniest things I've ever seen covering baseball at any level.
Everybody was like, "Did that really go into the garbage can.?" So someone went out and checked, reached in, and sure enough, there was the ball. Don't know if Spatz got to keep the ball. Don't know if he'd want to without an accompanying can of Lysol.

Ocean appears to have as mutch pitching depth right now as anyone in the Shore Conference. Saturday they trotted Jamie Rosenkranz out as their number two (Eric Hinkle pitched Friday) and JR was throwing hard, a crackling fastball and good off speed stuff. They the bring in Kyle Norman behind him. And all three are under classmen. This is the duo you'll likely see in the SCT final Wenesday depending of course, on their pitching needs Tuesday. And then there's Matt Segall, the senior lefty who has three pitches, slow, slower, and slowest and is very hard to pick up if you're a hitter and can tie batters up in knots.

Then it was back to the office in Neptune to write up those two games, tend to a few other chores, and it was off to Toms River South for the TR South-P Boro SCT semifinal.
This was an excellent game. In the end TR South, a 7-6 winner, justhad more polished pitching from which to choose, in the one-two punch of senior Evan Bigler and frosh Tyler Gebler who they will probably ride in most games the rest of the way.
I would guess Marc Potter or maybe Joe Talerico gets the Wednesday start vs. Ocean but, again, so much depends on Tuesday's state game at Eastern and also whether they win that and need pitching for a Friday sectional final.
Remember, anyone who starts a sixth inning Tuesday can't pitch Friday. That never seems to be a problem for TR South which shuttles pitchers around like toy boats in a bath tub.

About the game..that Pat Biserta home run in the first inning went out faster than the space shuttle. What a shot! In the fifth he sent Ryan Kapp back to the rightfield wall, just missing a two-run bomb. Back and forth it went.

The game proved Point Boro belongs on the field with any team in the Shore this season but TR South, especially at home or batting last, just keeps coming at you, coming at you relentlessly. If Ocean leads TR South by a run Wednesday going into the bottom of the seventh I'd be crossing my fingers if I was an Ocean rooter. The Indians have that comeback knack "the South finish" down pat this season.
I keep telling myself Tyler Gebler is a freshman. But he has the poise and talent of someone years older.

Look at some of the talent returning in 2007! Gebler, Biserta, Weinkofsky, Chris Bresnahan of St. Rose, just to name a handful. Wow.

By the way, it was neat to see Todd Frazier at the game, it was his first look at his his alma mater in 2006.

I must address the TR South "Fan" who for a second time last week Saturday night was berating the umpires who needed to call the site director to have him "ejected" or at least removed from behind the home plate area.
This guy is a classless jerk who should not be allowed at a high school sporting event and is an embarrassment to TR South. If he pulls the same act next season (I believe TR South has no more home games in 2006) he should be barred from the premisis.
I was standing next to the umpires during these incidents and they were threatening to forfeit the game if the "fan" was not removed. Obviously that was not their No. 1 choice. But it potentially could be very damaging to TR South. You say it couldn't happen Indian faithful? You may not want to take the risk.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I am a follower of Ocean Township baseball and would just like to set the record straight on some of your pitching comments about Ocean Township. I don't know if you realize it but Matt Segall has been the only constant for this good Ocean Township team on the mound all year. He has started 8 games for Ocean and the team's record in those games is 8-0. He sports a 6-0 record, has beaten TRE twice at TRE, how many pitchers can say that in the last several years? In fact, if you tune in to and look at the central jersey baseball forum you would see several posters believe he is an all shore canidate and worthy of consideration for pitcher of the year. Not only a good pitcher but a National Honor Society student to boot. I realize you may not have any idea of this because he didn't even play varsity last year, but just ask Coach Del what he thinks of this kid. Already voted to the all A North team by the coaches. Let's give some credit where credit is due.

2:05 PM, May 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tony,
Being a fan of Ocean baseball, I just want Matt Segall to get fair chance, being that he suddenly jumped into the varsity ranks this year and is relatively unknown in comparison to some of the shore's other pitchers.
Just in case you didn't think Segall was one of Ocean's top two pitchers. Here is someones take on this years All-Shore team...

Possible All-Shore Team
by sportsfan54, 5/28/06 15:34 ET
just gonna put my predictions up sorry if i leave someone out who might be deserving please dont jump down my like to see everyones predictions (obviously there are still some very important games yet to be played so all of these are subject to change)
Last year's format was 5 P's C, 1B, 3 IF, 3 OF, 2 DH, and Utility, so I'll stick with that

P - Gaynor TRE

P - Brach FT

P - Roth LACEY

P - Segall OCEAN

P - Bigler TRS (maybe not as "unhittable as some of the others but you simply cannot argue with an 11-0 record and an ERA under 1, for him not to be on here would be a joke)

C - Weinkofsky OCEAN (Hernandez from StRose a VERY CLOSE 2nd)

1B - Laufer CBA

IF - Geran RBC

IF - Toscano TRE

IF - Cuneo F BORO

OF - Avella CBA

OF - Kalish RBC


DH - Biserta PT BORO

DH - Ranaudo ST ROSE

U - Csakai FREE TWP

Other names that could be on the list are Warncke, Hinkle, Talerico, Menna, Heuer...

4:14 PM, May 28, 2006  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

I beleive I did mention Matt in my most recent blog and, yes, I know all about him. I saw Matt pitch the second time vs. TR East. He will be considered for All-Shore as will just about every player you mentioned and most likely some others. Your own personal All-Shore team was obviously well thought out and well done. I'm not saying that's the team ..but good effort on your part and I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

6:12 PM, May 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason why I was saying these things to you is because I believe that all the players should get a fair chance. And from seeing most of Ocean's games this year, I would seriously consider Segall to be their ace. Both he and Hinkle are great pitchers, and if I had to chose who their number one is, I couldn't give you an answer. But to not include Matt near the top doesn't seem fair. Thanks for listening Tony.

6:55 PM, May 28, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tony, enjoy seeing you at games all over and reading your blogs as well. I am a huge fan of Ocean County baseball and love that it is quite competitive this year. I think that Joey Talerico is really flying under the radar though. He never gets recognized and is having quite the season. He is batting in the mid 400's and has 9 homeruns and 29 rbis. This is all coming in the leadoff spot. He may not be "Todd" yet but this kid is the real deal. He pitches, plays SS, 3b, and all three outfield positions. I just wanted to fill you in because i know you know his name but not too many people recognize his stats.

10:18 AM, May 30, 2006  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Who's this kid again? Just kidding. Yes, he is a teriffic player. Best comment came from Mitch Powitz (TR S assistant coach) as Joe being "the first non-Frazier" to hit as many as nine HR in a season for TRS. He's in good company.

10:51 AM, May 30, 2006  

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