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Friday, May 19, 2006

Can the Monmouth County Tournament be saved? The 2007 Carpenter Cup Roster about to be revealed..some changes in our Top 10 are coming

Lots of action this weekend in the Shore Conference and Monmouth County Tournaments. Coming Saturday in Rally I discuss the step child status of the MCT and the need for county Athletic directors and or the Shore Conference to get involved in getting a better handle on this once classic event.

Also Saturday in the APP and the Observer we have the rosters for the 2007 Shore Carpenter Cup team..and our Press latest Top 10 Poll. A few changes as two teams drop out and two others take their a first timer for 2006. Who do you think it will be?

At the moment I plan on attending the Ocean-Freehold SCT game Saturday. Who's gonna bring the coffee and doughnuts?? It's always a treat to see Ryan Cuneo step into the box for Freehold and Keith Weinkofsky for Ocean.

I enjoyed the Colts Neck-Middle North game Wednesday. Hard to believe but this was the first event I have ever covered at Colts Neck. Very nice field at Cougar Cove and an impressive young team to boot. I believe in my few years at the Press I have covered at least one athletic event at every Shore Conference High school.

I guess next year I gotta make to Barnegot to see the Baby Bengals who will be getting older.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's be honest if it can be done in softball it can be done in baseball. Tony Vodola does a great job with the softball tournaments but the baseball coaches not ADs won't do the same for the MCT. It's the same thing with their schedule proposal they want everything to be easier for them to be successful. They want the pitching matchups to be equal, they don't want to have to ever use number 4 pitcher and they seldom want to use number 3. They also don't want to lessen their state seedings. They should just play the games and have fun instead of analyzing everything to death. I 'll be interested to read your thoughts tomorrow.

7:11 AM, May 19, 2006  

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