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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MU women's hoop update/Injuries and the Lafayette loss

Spoke with Michele this afternoon...

Topic of Lindsey's knee injury...""They sent her in for an MRI but it's not looking good. They know it's probably a (torn) meniscus (a fibrous cartilage within a joint especially of the knee) for sure.''

However, the fear is a torn ACL which would mean her season (and probably her career) is just about over...

Possible tough break for a really super young woman...

Topic of the 0-2 start. ""Any time you lose those two players (Jimenez and Edwards who are injured) you never really know how your team is going to actually react until it really counts. They were really our pressure players.

""Even though you do well in scrimmages and stuff like that - when it counts it's different.''

Michele said she doubts if Jimenez will be back for the 'Nova game Sunday and Brianne is still out.

Up front Jen Bender moves from power forward to full time center and will be backed up by the two 6-3 freshmen, Elizabeth Kudurka and Samantha Schanuel. ""If they can just defend and rebound we'll be fine.''

Michele said she is hopeful to have Marisa and Brianne in action at least for the NEC opener Dec. 8 vs. Sacred Heart (0-1).

On the topic of allowing the last second layup last night: ""We sort of got caught standing around. We `had two people I sent back and the minute the ball (Randolph's foul shot) came off the rim and sort of went loose they ran up. When they ran up, it left the basket wide open.

""It wasn't just them. Everyone should have gotten back. The girl (who scored) came from the basket, the low block. Everyone needed to get back and everyone sort of just stood around.''

Michele said it reminded her of the layup Chris Kenny scored against FDU to win the 2006 NEC championship game.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why didnt baxter put everyone but the shooter and 1 rebounder back so that they would already be in position to defend (if made,they take it out, if missed you make them shoot a prayer)???

9:02 PM, November 15, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Re: the last second. Well, she explained it all pretty much.

Thought we've certainly seen it done - teams don't always put everyone back because they prefer to either contest the rebound, or slow up the other team after it rebounds.

I guess folks were asking FDU coach Tom Green that very question after Chris Kenny's layup...

Either way..the MU defense sprang a huge leak on that last play by Lafayette.....

10:16 PM, November 15, 2007  

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