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Friday, October 12, 2007

NEC expansion - Gaffney to vote for NJIT and Bryant

Monmouth Unieversity President Paul Gaffney confirmed today Northeast Conference presidents will vote Wednesday on whether to expand and, if so, bring in NJIT, Bryant U., or both.
Gaffney said he will vote to accept both schools into the NEC.
"'Football is very important to us,'' said Gaffney. Bryant has football while NJIT does not. ""I like NJIT because the president is really behind athletics and they've got great facilities,'' Gaffney said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monmouth fans should hope NJIT gets into the NEC...they are as much of a guaranteed victory as they come.

10:42 PM, October 12, 2007  
Anonymous Karate Hawk said...

The NEC doesnt neet 13 teams to throw off scheduling any more. One more team, Bryant (Who also happens to be competitive unlike NJIT- who stinks in EVERYTHING)would add another team to football and a 12th bball team to even out scheduling. I only hope the other presidents can see this vote appropriately. The NEC doesnt need anymore garbage teams.

9:18 AM, October 13, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it hard to imagine an inner-city tech school like NJIT is now Division I. How can they hope to recruit and compete at this level.

I remember years ago when Brooklyn College (and they're not a tech school!) tried it...and flopped!

9:32 AM, October 13, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

Re: NJIT. Haven't been there but I am told their athletic facilities for the most part are very good, top notch.

My stance.. take 'em both!! If it's one or the other - than Bryant because of football...

10:08 AM, October 13, 2007  
Anonymous FL MU/C ALUM said...

I am glad to see the NEC is considering expanding membership to NJIT and Bryant.
To ANON who stated "I find it hard to imagine an inner-city tech school like NJIT is now Division I. How can they hope to recruit ..." - google Georgia Tech and see where they are located. I am not saying Jersey Tech and Georgia Tech have the same athletic programs but lets see how NJIT can grow now that they have schools to compete against.
Bryant will be a plus in all sports.
Thanks to President Gaffney for taking the next step in keeping the NEC competitive.

1:00 PM, October 13, 2007  
Anonymous Hit a Free Throw said...

Not sure how much you all know about NJIT soccer, but they have a pretty decent squad. Definately not a guranteed win.

1:23 PM, October 13, 2007  
Anonymous Karate Hawk said...

To Free Throw:

NJIT is 1-A-1 in men's soccer this year. While they have played some decent teams the 3-0 loss to Monmouth is their worst defeat. Last season they were 1-11-4. So to say that their team is a "Pretty decent squad" is complete crap. Going 2-20-5 in two seasons is terrible. I hope that men's soccer isnt their best sport, especially if they are joining the NEC.

10:46 AM, October 14, 2007  
Anonymous Hit a free throw said...

Not sure if you know Pedro Lopes. But he played at Rutgers and is currently the NJIT coach and have a very impressive resume. We all know that wins and losses are how teams are looked at, but you need to look at the pedigree of who is coaching the team. Just like Rob turned our program around, the same thing is going to happen at NJIT and they have not stayed away from playing big name programs knowing that it will certainly end up as a loss. I still stand by my quote of them being a decent team.

1:03 PM, October 15, 2007  
Blogger Tony Graham said...

To Free Throw - nice post, very informative.

1:10 PM, October 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any "scoop" from the meeting?

Will Bryant begin playing football in the NEC for next season?

10:27 AM, October 18, 2007  
Anonymous Karate Hawk said...

Good to see the presidents made the right decision here. 12 teams for even scheduling for hoops and another football team. Also a pretty good men's lacrosse program-not that we have one or will get one. Glad to hear that 75% percent of the schools' presidents know S**T about college athletics, despite what Gaffney thought about his 'buddies' school

8:33 AM, October 19, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in 1 day...It takes time for new D1 teams to play well with D2 players...

Now that it could offer D1 scholarships, it is expected to improve to a respectable level since it is now able to recruit good players that previously stayed away because of its D2 status now that it offers both good academics and sports. It is also starting to attract very good coaches.

It is NEC's loss for rejecting a good National University (that would be ready in 2009-2010) that could push up its very regional conference...

11:27 PM, October 29, 2007  

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