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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

E-mail from Jim Fromhartz/played for the '91 MU team that lost in the NEC semis at FDU in OT, Dave's last game, a brutal defeat

Jim e-mailed me, I e-mailed him back for permission to use it on the blog..and we exchanged a few more comments...I thought this would make for some interesting reading -


"Jim Fomhartz here. Monmouth class of 1992 and former player. Thank you so
much for keeping your blog up to date.

After reading the update on your blog and the flashbacks I had after
reading it, I felt I had to write. All I could think about was March 2,
1991 and the loss we had at FDU in the NEC semis up at FDU. We had a 10
point lead with 5 minutes to go and we thought there was no way we could
lose. Then Desi Wilson hit shot after shot and we ended up losing in OT.
It sounds like last night's game went the same way. Interesting quote from
Dave about it not being their last game and that they hopefully learned
from it. A little ironic that the March 2, 1991 game WAS his last game, as
a player, obviously. To this day, I feel worse about this loss than any
other in our career. That was our best team and NO ONE from MU deserved to
go to an NCAA game, as a player, than Dave. I am glad he was able to go as
a coach.

"I wish the Hawks would have won, but they showed that they can play with
the teams that are ahead of them in the standings (they just need to
continue to do so for 40 minutes). If they continue to get better through
the rest of the season and start playing their best at the end of the year;
as long as they are in the NEC tourney, it is a whole new season. With
the coaching staff's tournament experience and the teams style of play,
going on a three game winning streak at the end of the year, when it REALLY
counts, is not difficult to comprehend."

My comment to Jim -

""I'll always remember that game, too. Dave hitting the big 3 from the
left wing to give MU the lead in the final minute and then Mel Hawkins
came back and hit a 3 over Partee to send it into OT.. and Dave crying
outside the locker room..and yes.. that was a terrific MU team."".

More Fromhartz - "I remember it like it was yesterday. Especially the front page of the Press
sports section Dave and I bawling on the bench. Nice to see we get over
these games, huh?"

My comment to Jim - " The NEC was soooooooo much better then."

From Jim : "I know. It is probably me
getting old, but these kids look like, well, kids. I just remember guys
like Desi Wilson (FDU), Joe Anderson (SFPA), Mike Izzulino (SFPA), Ricky Cannon (RMU), not to mention
Al B. and Dave and Will Lewis all playing hard and am thinking if they were
playing today how different things could have been.

" Again, to be old and
look back..""


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