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Friday, November 23, 2007

New Press web site launches 2 p.m. Tuesday/REGISTER in ADVANCE

You may sample it and or access it now through the current main Press web site. One drawback to early registration is that if you book mark something it may be lost with the change ..but I would go ahead now anyway and just hold off book markings until after 2 p.m. Tuesday ..

Please be advised this is a web site where - in order to comment on our blogs - you must sign in as a member with your e-mail and your zip code, and this information will be registered with the Press.

To reach our MU /college sports-blog please click on the sports icon, then colleges, and then click on the blog...

If you post a comment on the new blog and it does not show up in a reasonable amount of time it may mean there is a problem with the site...sooo either advise me via the old blog while it is still operational, or e-mail me...

Also, while you may use screen names, anons will no longer be accepted.

As before I will review all blog comments before they are posted. In addition, even if I approve a comment others may object to it by clicking on the yellow "report abuse flag." It will automatically then also be reviewed by a member of our editorial web team for possible deletion.

So if you adhere to the blog decorum and all should be well.

Please let me know what you think of the web site and you may either e-mail our editors or make your remarks to me via blogs on either site or via e-mail -

I will attempt to keep up with both blog sites for now - but once the new web site is fully operational at 2 p.m. Tuesday - comments to the former blogger site will not be monitored.


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